The most effective ways to enlarge a man's penis at home

Intimate intimacy of a man who has enlarged his penis with a happy woman

The size of the phallus is significant, although sometimes women deny this. A small organ not only negatively affects the mental state of a man, but also worsens the quality of sexual intercourse. However, one should try to extend it only when there is no discrepancy.

The genital organ grows up to 20 years. You should start to get upset only when you reach the age. It is possible to damage the well-being and injure the penis if you use the methods to lengthen the organs earlier.

The average size of the penis is considered to be 12-15 cm in the aroused position. The thickness in the circumference is 10 cm. A deviation of 1-2 cm is allowed, if more, then this is a pathology.

You need to understand what methods are possible to actually enlarge the penis at home.

Methods for penis enlargement at home

It is possible to enlarge the penis at home, but before you continue with this, you should seek professional advice!

If the doctor is convinced that the size is caused by pathology, he can offer you treatment:

  • Infectious pathologies;
  • Exacerbation of chronic pathologies;
  • Sexually transmitted diseases;
  • Inflammation of the skin of the phallus.

Soda method

This is an old method of traditional medicine. Although not everyone believes in traditional healing, you should not completely deny the power of folk remedies. In addition, it is a real way to enlarge the penis at home, because soda is in every kitchen.

The sequence of application is as follows:

  1. Add 1/2 teaspoon to a glass of water. Carbonated drinks.
  2. After washing, pour the solution on the genitals.
  3. Dry the penis with a towel.

Jelqing method - does the phallus lengthen?

This option comes from traditional medicine. It has been rumored to have been used in the East for many centuries, but doctors do not recommend the technology for use. Although the result of the manipulations is available, but for a short time, only for a few hours. The maximum effect is up to 1 cm. With systemic use, difficulties with sexual arousal, painful sensations and spots on the phallus may occur.

There are 2 options: dry and wet technology. The first is exercised without lubrication, and the second uses a gel.

  1. Before the start of the process, the genital organ should be brought into an erogenous state, by 65-70%, but it should not become hard.
  2. The member is wrapped in a wet steam towel. From this the cavernous bodies of the phallus are made elastic.
  3. Two fingers grasp the base of the phallus and hold it for about 10 seconds.
  4. Without separating the fingers, they stretch them upwards. Reaching the head, the first hand pauses, but remains in place, and the other makes the same manipulations. As the second approaches the first hand, it releases the head and repetitive movements begin.

During the first day 50-100 manipulations are performed, after a few weeks the exercises are increased to 200 repetitions. It is allowed to divide the process into approaches with breaks for 20-30 minutes.

Vacuum pump to increase the size of the male element

Penis lengthening with a vacuum pump

Vacuum pumps have found application in medicine, but do not give a lasting result of penis elongation. According to the answers on the Internet, the total amount is up to 3 cm. The key factor for the acquisition is erectile dysfunction. Experts recommend, if possible, to buy the most expensive hydraulic pump. There are fewer injuries than it, as the action on the penis is done by water. Both types of vacuum pumps provoke a rush of blood to the phallus, which creates a positive result.

Vacuum pump technology:

  • Lower the element inside the flask.
  • Press the flask to the pubis.
  • Slowly draw air with the help of a pear.

When using for the first time, the action should be stopped after a few minutes. The maximum time is no more than 40 minutes.

Using an extension cord

The design is used to bring out the masculinity. The mechanism is used to lengthen, thicken and flatten the penis. According to medical information, it is intended after plastic procedures: prostatectomy (prostate extraction), penile implantation and ligamentotomy.

There are 3 types of construction:

  • Sometimes used, uncomfortable to wear, significant pressure on the penis. It is possible to wear only half an hour, after which rest is needed. The maximum can be worn for up to 6 hours a day.
  • They are often prescribed to be worn during the recovery period. They grip the phallus tightly and cause less discomfort than bull machines.
  • The operation of the device is based on the suction of air from the chamber, which is placed on the head of the phallus. It is not recommended to wear for a long time, it provokes the appearance of acne.
  • Vacuum glue. Apply not only vacuum but also gel to support the head. The most popular mechanism, but expensive.
Stretcher for male phallus enlargement

Stretcher extension

Phallus enlargement device. Usually used in conjunction with an extension cord. The male part is fixed with the help of leg or shoulder ties. It is not visible in loose clothing, which makes it possible to use a stretcher at any time.

Biologically active preparations - creams, gels

Today there are a huge number of creams, sprays, drops, preparations for penis enlargement at home.

Phallus lengthening through plastic surgery

Surgery is a real way to enlarge your penis, although not at home. Men's improvement procedures are divided into those that make the penis thicker and those that lengthen the penis.

Penis thickening procedures

For thickening or implants are placed under the skin or transplanted adipose or muscle tissue of the patient.

An example of lipofilling, thanks to which you can enlarge the male penis


Before the procedure, adipose tissue is taken from the person's abdomen or thighs. It is cleared of impurities, only pure fats remain. The client shaves the entire groin area and prepares for the operation. The anesthesiologist injected the boy with anesthesia only after the specialist started the procedure.

The penis is disinfected and the composition is injected using a needle. The whole event lasts no more than 60 minutes. In the end, the organ is bandaged. The result of the procedure is permanent, only 30% of the fat is absorbed. The method increases the thickness of the phallus by 2-3 cm.

Hyaluronic acid injections

Also called "beauty injections", they lengthen the penis by 1 cm. The procedure is similar to lipofilling. The most affordable procedure for penis lengthening. The result lasts about 12 months.

Introduction of implants

This technology uses silicone shell gels. The doctor injected it into the skin of the phallus and fixed it to the tunica albuginea. This misses the danger of displacement. An allergy test is performed before the operation, which eliminates the possibility of rejection.

Muscle transplantation

For a plastic event, part of the muscle is taken from the human abdomen. It is implanted under the skin of the man's phallus, the specialist pulls it around the penis and sutures it with the adjacent tissues. The efficiency of the procedure is high, the postoperative period passes quickly. As a result, the genital organ lengthens by 3-4 cm.

Surgery to enlarge the male genital organ

The procedure for increasing the length of the male member

The procedures are performed only on healthy men. The number of restrictions is greater than with other techniques. The doctor will not perform surgery on patients with heart disorders, heart defects, blood clotting disorders, acute and chronic diseases in the stage of decompensation, sexually transmitted diseases, mental disorders.


If the genital organ is small due to the distortion, then an artificial prosthesis is inserted into it. There are hard, inflatable and elastic prostheses. Plastic surgery is traumatic, the rehabilitation period can be up to 12 months. The procedure not only makes the male organ more authentic, but also improves sexual activity.


Ligamentotomy is a procedure to enlarge the male organ. The ligament is a ligament of the abdominal cavity located between the pubis and the penis, on which part of the male dignity is held inside the groin. When a plastic surgery is performed, it is trimmed, after which the surgeon slows down and corrects the masculinity. The person will have to wear an extension cord and stretcher for 2-3 months.

During the recovery period, men suffer from pain, so they are injected with analgesics. There may be bleeding in the first few days. It is necessary to follow the instructions of specialists and go for an examination during the recovery period, as there is a possibility of adhesions. As a result, the penis lengthens by 3-5 cm, but immediately after the procedure the result is weaker-1-1, 5 cm.

Different procedures for lengthening the genital organ can cause negative consequences:

  • The appearance of traces;
  • Nervous disorder;
  • Decreased libido;
  • Decreased sensitivity of the head of the genital organ.