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  • Dumitru
    Good day. My penis has been causing me a lot of problems since adolescence. The size was bad. On the advice of a friend I bought a gel AlfaGen. I was able to notice its effect on myself in the first week of application. No side effects occurred. The member has increased by 5 cm. I definitely recommend it for men.
  • Ion
    Good day. It's a shame to write about it. . . but my penis barely reached 10 cm in aroused state. The girl began to imply that this was not enough for her. . . I ordered the drug AlfaGen on the official website. Sold in gel form, convenient to use, does not spread after application. After 2 weeks, the penis increased by 3 cm.
  • Gheorghe
    Hello everyone. My review will be about the AlfaGen gel, which literally restored my faith in myself. A well-known doctor advised me to use this medicine. I applied the composition every day. Used for 4 weeks without interruption, eventually +6 cm. Six months have passed, the size of the penis has not decreased, the potency is also pleasant. I will advise my friends.
  • Radu
    How much money I spent on pills, creams for penis enlargement, I can not count. They caused many side effects, but the desired result was never obtained. This means that AlfaGen not only acts on potency, but also naturally lengthens the penis. In this case, the shape of the penis becomes proportional.
  • Alex
    Good thing a friend advised me to buy AlfaGen. He also had problems with potency. I was more worried about the size of my penis, to be honest. I have always used the gel according to the instructions, I have not missed a day. It smells nice, contains only natural ingredients. At 2 weeks the sex became brighter, at 3 + 4 cm.
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