Can You Really Enlarge Your Penis?

Before answering the main question of the article, I would like to touch on a few other topics related to the penis.

A question that worries every man

Perhaps there is no young man on Earth who has not thought about the size of his dignity. Do I reach the average size, and is it possible to increase it, etc. Almost every man asked all these questions. And in this article we will answer these and other questions.

The size of dignity plays a huge role for a man, size is important not so much for sex as for personal ego and self-esteem, I tell you as a man who managed to enlarge his hollow penis!

Medium penis size

It should be immediately noted that the average size differs slightly from race and region of residence, contrary to popular misconception. Yes, black men are the same average size as white men.

So, the average size of an erect penis:

  • Length - 15 cm ± 1 cm.
  • Circumference - 12 cm ± 1 cm.

It is also worth saying that these are very conditional numbers and you should not focus on them so much. So, according to various studies, the average size varies considerably.

How old is the penis?

The penis grows from birth to the end of puberty. The fastest growth is observed with the onset of puberty. For this reason, it is impossible to outline a clear framework - up to 17, up to 18, up to 23 years. So in young men who start to mature earlier, the growth of the penis also stops earlier. The opposite is also true, if puberty begins "late", then the penis will become longer.

It is strongly recommended not to engage in penis enlargement for those whose penis growth has not stopped. This is fraught with unpleasant consequences.

Still, does size matter?

It's worth being honest with yourself and you have to admit that size matters. The larger size is more functional in bed and also entertains the pride of its owner. Nowadays, however, the importance of size is greatly exaggerated and this is primarily due to the development of the porn industry. People have become accustomed to seeing huge dicks in porn movies and have begun to forget what normal-sized organs look like.

Penis enlargement, myth or reality?

The answer is YES! Penis enlargement is real. But it should be noted immediately that this requires a serious approach to business. The aspects of the increase need to be thoroughly understood. And get to work, roll up your sleeves. Penis enlargement is not an easy task, you will need a lot of strength, perseverance and hard work. But most importantly, you have to be patient! Penis enlargement is like a marathon, but not a sprint.

Penis enlargement methods

I'm sure many of you have heard of all kinds of creams and pills for penis enlargement. I guess you won't be surprised if you say it's a scam, an invention, a money laundering. Although creams can serve as an auxiliary method to increase.

In fact, there are 2 methods for enlarging the penis:

  1. Surgery.
  2. self-enlargement.

A few words about how it works. Let's just say that we reject this method for good reasons, such as:

  • High risk of failed operation.
  • Slight increase in size.
  • This requires large financial costs.

Now let's move on to the second option, penis enlargement. Penis self-enlargement. It in turn is divided into 2 sections:

  1. manual method.
  2. Device method.

Both methods give good results when used properly.

How does the increase happen and why?

To understand how the process of penis enlargement works, it is necessary to understand how the penis itself is structured.

the structure of the penis and its enlargement

We are interested in two main details:

  1. The tunic of the penis, it is also a protein shell. The photo covers the handle of the penis. The top layer is the skin, but we are not interested in it. Just below the skin is the tunic. It is shown as a thick layer of longitudinal threads. What is this? This is what determines how much you can enlarge your penis. I will talk about this in more detail below.
  2. Caves. These are some kind of tanks. There are several cavities in the shaft of the penis and a barrier between them. The photo to our right shows an empty cave, and the one on the left is full. Of course, in fact the cave is never empty and this is shown in the photo for a better understanding. During an erection, the cavities fill with blood, in fact this is the principle by which an erection occurs.

Now let's move on to the basics. Why did we visit the tunic and the caves? Let's take a simple example. Think of a car wheel. It consists of a camera and a tire. So, the tunic (protein shell) in the penis acts like rubber! But caves are like a camera in the penis! And to enlarge the penis, we must first stretch the "rubber" - the tunic of the penis, and then inflate the "camera" - the cavities.

How much you can enlarge your penis depends on your tunic. The fact is that albuginea is a type of connective tissue, there are no cells in it, the tunic consists of large protein molecules. And for this reason, by applying a load, we cannot force the cells of the tunic to divide, for the simple reason that they do not exist! And the only way to enlarge the tunic is to simply stretch it, deform it, increasing the intermolecular distance.

In some men, the tunic has 1 or 2 layers and its structure is not so firm. On the contrary, in others the tunic has 3 layers, and sometimes more, due to the rigid structure. If you are a "happy" owner of the second type of tunic, then it will be harder for you to enlarge your penis, but in any case, with the right approach and patience, you will definitely get your increase! You can determine how tight your tunic is onlyin the process of constant penis enlargement exercises.

And concluding the speech about the tunic, it is worth emphasizing that the work of stretching the tunic (also known as the tunic) is the basis of penis enlargement!

A few words about the growth of caves. Although official medicine says that cavities cannot be enlarged, I will say from my own experience that stretching the tunic is not so difficult to "pump" cavities, especially since the cavities are made of cells! There are no muscles in the penis, that is. there are muscles there, but in small quantities, and they are also smooth muscles, that is, they cannot contract and thus be pumped like the other muscles of our body. And so I use the word "pump" figuratively.

The increase is possible due to. . .

There are several other things that can cause penis enlargement. So, in order:

  1. Garters for the penis. The penis is attached to the body through ligaments, which in turn are attached to the pubic bone. In the process of growth, they also stretch, which gives us extra millimeters to the length.
  2. The hidden part of the member. Many people know that part of the penis is hidden in the body, in the perineum. The inner part of the penis can be extended, of course, not completely, but it will play a role in increasing the length.
  3. Spongy body. On the underside of the penis, along the entire trunk lies a spongy body. Also served, this will give us a slight increase in circumference.
  4. The head of the penis. Like all the previous ones, it is also possible to increase it, which will allow you to slightly increase the length.

How much is it possible to enlarge the penis and what parameters can be enlarged?

At the very beginning you have to repeat once again that the structure of the tunic depends on how much you can enlarge the penis.

Both the length and the circumference can be increased. A little about how to measure the penis to know how realistic it is to enlarge it.

Proper penis measurement

Length. Measure the length correctly with a ruler (not a soft meter). To a member in a state of 100% erection, located parallel to the floor, attach a ruler from the top to the base, without pressing into the pubis, stand straight without protruding pelvis. We remember the sign of the ruler, which coincides with the end of the glans penis.

Tour. It is correct to measure the circumference, not the diameter of the penis. To do this, around the penis, able to 100% wrap a soft meter (or strip of paper with scars) in the middle of the shaft of the penis. Remember the sign.

So, in the end, the answer to the question, how much is it possible to increase the member?

Some men managed to increase their length by 3 cm and circumference by 1. 5 cm in one year of training. Other men managed to get even bigger increases during the year, some less. There is no single answer to this question.