Phalloplasty - plastic surgery of the penis

A rare person has not thought about the extent of his dignity. The average European penis is between 13 and 16 centimeters long. Some representatives of the stronger sex think about surgical intervention.

Penis enlargement surgery is aimed at eliminating penile defects: curvature, small size. It is possible not only to lengthen the penis, but also to increase its volume.

The average size of the penis is from 13 to 16 cm

How is penile plastic surgery performed?

At the first stage, men seek medical help. He assesses the patient's condition. If there are no visible deformities and problems, then the doctor will try to explain that there is no need for surgical intervention. After talking with the surgeon, some young people refuse plastic surgery, others decide to enlarge the penis.

At the second stage, men collect the necessary tests, undergo examinations by narrow specialists. They should consult a urologist, cardiologist, therapist (if necessary, other doctors). For the operation, you will need the results of blood tests, urine, coagulogram, electrocardiogram.

After that, patients go to the operation, spend 1-2 days after it in the hospital, recover their strength and come out of anesthesia. Within 1-3 months, depending on the type of intervention, the rehabilitation process takes place.

There are three types of phalloplasty:

  • lengthening of the penis while the thickness remains the same;
  • thickening of the phallus, but its length will not change;
  • prosthetics is a serious plastic surgery of the penis. It is performed only according to indications, but not every doctor will agree to surgical intervention. As prostheses, surgeons implant cartilage tissue or an elastic material that is similar in characteristics.

attention! Only one operation type can be selected. It is impossible to increase the size and thickness of the penis at the same time. If desired, the patient will have to undergo one plastic surgery, undergo rehabilitation and then undergo a new operation.


With the help of a ligamentotomy, you can increase the length of the penis

A ligamentotomy is a surgical procedure aimed at lengthening the penis. It is most often done for medical reasons. If a person is old and mentally healthy, then he can have plastic surgery. During the operation, surgeons cut the upper ligament that supports the penis. As such, the length of the penis does not change, but due to the expansion of the corpora cavernosa, it increases in size.

An important role is played by the postoperative period, with proper rehabilitation, the penis will become larger. If the patient does not follow the doctor's recommendations, then there will be no positive results.

Ligamentotomy is performed under general or epidural anesthesia and takes 30 minutes. No prior hospitalization is required. The member is lengthened by 3-6 centimeters. On the first day after the operation, you can notice that the penis has become larger by 1-1. 5 centimeters. Subsequent growth occurs in the rehabilitation process.

The penis will need to be stretched gradually and regularly. Some require three months to consolidate results, others at least six months. Extenders need to be worn for 2-4 hours a day. At first a stretcher, no earlier than a month - an extender. If the rehabilitation is done correctly, then the penis will become longer and will not return to its place.


Performing penile enlargement surgery

Phalloplasty, in which the penis becomes wider in circumference, is called lipofilling. This is a common minimally invasive surgery. It is performed only under general anesthesia, takes up to 3 hours. The operation is performed according to absolute indications when the penis is curved or has insufficient width. If you wish to improve the appearance of the reproductive organ and have no contraindications, lipofilling is performed on men over 18 years of age.

The patient's natural fat is injected under the skin of the penis. It is taken from the buttocks, abdomen, thighs. The biological material is cleaned of fractions, injected into the penis, evenly distributed along its entire length. Surgeons sew up the puncture sites, close them with a special plaster. An implant or silicone can also be placed.

Within 1-2 months, doctors advise to avoid sports, serious physical exertion. In addition, at this time you cannot have sex, otherwise the effect of plastic surgery will be lost.

The main advantages of the procedure:

  • increase in volume by 1-1. 5 centimeters;
  • minimal risk of complications, as natural biological material is taken;
  • during rehabilitation you cannot wear extension devices.

The main disadvantage of plastic surgery is that it is temporary. After a few years, it is necessary to repeat the procedure, as the penis will become the same size.

attention! In the case of an unsuccessful operation, there is a possibility of deformation of the penis, the appearance of bumps and seals.


A complication of the operation can be pain in the penis during erection.

If the man has no serious indications for surgery, the length and shape of the penis do not affect sexual intercourse, then plastic surgeons will try to dissuade him from surgery. They often show documentaries about how the operation is performed. Some young people immediately refuse penis enlargement.

If the decision is final, then it is worth familiarizing yourself with possible complications. Among them are the following:

  • pain during intercourse and during erection;
  • when urinating, there is bleeding from the urethra;
  • during intercourse, the reproductive organ occupies an unstable position, the sensitivity of the head may decrease;
  • suppuration of the thread, infection of the penis.

Complications can appear within a year. For any symptoms, you should consult a doctor for therapeutic measures.

Minor side effects include:

  • bruises and bruises on the penis;
  • swelling of the body;
  • the appearance of blisters;
  • poor erection;
  • the appearance of blood clots in the penis.

A member after surgery must recover. Within three to four weeks, physical exertion should be avoided, bed linen and shorts should be changed regularly. Take medications prescribed by your doctor.

What does the penis look like after surgery

After the penis enlargement surgery, it looks swollen

Immediately after the operation, the penis appears edematous, with marked hyperemia. After the lengthening procedure, a stitch remains. Sometimes men fear that erectile function will not return to them. But these are false fears.

After a few days, the swelling and redness will disappear. After a few weeks, surgeons remove the stitches. The rehabilitation process begins. If the patient follows all the doctor's recommendations, the genital organ soon regains its previous appearance, but becomes longer or thicker, depending on the operation. After 1-2 months, men start having sex, enjoy new experiences.

How much does penis enlargement surgery cost?

The cost of penile enlargement surgery depends on many factors.

For many patients, price plays an important role. It depends on several factors:

  • the status and recognition of the clinic, the more authoritative the institution, the higher the price;
  • the qualification and experience of a doctor, the services of surgeons with many years of experience are much more expensive;
  • purchase of additional materials. For example: extension cord;
  • type of surgical intervention. Prosthetics is considered the most expensive procedure.

Which doctor should I contact?

Surgical instruments for phalloplasty, which increases the size of the penis

When deciding on their desire to enlarge the penis, men ask themselves questions about the name of the operation in which they perform plastic surgery on the penis. Surgery is performed in public and private clinics. It is worth looking for a suitable option in the large regional centers.

Men should seek advice from a plastic surgeon, he will assess the situation, explain the possible options for solving the problem.

attention! Before asking for help, search the Internet for information about the clinic and the doctor, read the reviews. Be careful, only good reviews indicate that they were purchased from an unscrupulous clinic.

Ligamentotomy reviews

With a small penis size, a man can resort to phalloplasty
  1. "My size has always seemed small. Only 12 centimeters when erect. Although the wife was happy with everything. For a long time I could not decide, finally I decided on the operation and the clinic. What can I say? I do not regret. The penis increased to 16 cm. The only minus is the long rehabilitation. I had to abstain from sex for a month and wore a stretcher for almost half a year.
  2. "During sports I fell and injured my penis. I had to undergo several operations, after which I had a ligamentotomy. Satisfied with the result. Now I enjoy a fulfilling sex life. "
  3. "I started thinking about surgery on the recommendation of a friend. He increased the length of the penis by 4 centimeters. I studied reviews about the clinic, photos before and after the intervention. Six months ago I went under the knife. I am very satisfied, and my girlfriend is ten times more satisfied. "

The results of penile prosthetics and the introduction of implants

The male reproductive organ that can be enlarged with an implant

Prostheses are placed only when there is no way to restore a man's health in any other way. There are three types of implants:

  • plastic - they have a metal base inside. A person brings the penis into an erection state at any time, during the rest of the hours the penis is in a state of rest;
  • inflatable - a comfortable and modern type of prosthesis. The penis is stimulated by a built-in inflatable pump to which it is attached;
  • hard - they are used extremely rarely, because they are heavy, the penis is constantly under tension.

The operation is performed under general anesthesia. An incision is made in the scrotum, prepuce, or pubis. An implant is placed in the penis, after which the wound is sutured, attaching it to the tissues of the penis.

attention! The operation is considered difficult. The implant may not take root, cause suppuration, you must be mentally prepared for negative consequences, regardless of the qualifications of the operating doctor.


Doctors warn of possible contraindications for penis enlargement surgery

During the operation, the patient usually receives epidural anesthesia. It is prohibited in the following cases:

  • if a person has mental or neurological pathologies;
  • with congenital heart defects;
  • if blood coagulation is impaired;
  • with increased intracranial pressure.

Among the contraindications for penis enlargement surgery are:

  • urological diseases;
  • venereal infections;
  • oncological tumors;
  • smoothed coronal sulcus;
  • old age, over 60 years.


Men who are not satisfied with the size of their dignity can resort to surgical intervention. First they need to find out if phalloplasty is done in their city, then choose a specialist. Most patients are satisfied with the results. But before you decide to intervene, you should familiarize yourself with the contraindications and side effects.