Penis Enlargement Pumps: How to Use Them for Fast Results

Your wife will be pleasantly surprised by the result of penis enlargement with a pump

Pumping is a popular procedure that performs several functions at once. Firstly, it is the maintenance of erectile function and potency, secondly, enlargement of the penis with regular use and thirdly, correction of the shape of the organ. Pumps are air and water, the principle of use is slightly different. This is a clinically tested medical device. Whether it is possible to use, the doctor decides. Studying the rules for working with a penis enlargement pump, the stage of preparation of the device and the organ, the rules for creating a vacuum and pumping, relieving pressure, you will learn more.

Learning the rules of operation

How to use a penis enlargement pump is an important issue that affects not only the chances of achieving the desired result, but also safety.

In order not to harm your body, follow the general recommendations:

  • do not abuse frequency, force of pressure;
  • do not take vasodilating drugs at the same time;
  • refuse to accept alcoholic beverages;
  • exercise regularly;
  • do not deviate from the suggested instructions.

These rules don't even need to be defined, you should follow them by default. The rest of the instructions will depend on what kind of device is involved.

Different manufacturers offer their own individual instructions and training programs. Be sure to check them out before you buy a product to gauge how well it suits you.

Pneumatic pump

The pneumatic pump is an effective device for penis enlargement at home

Lubricate the organ to avoid dryness and injury to the skin.

Then follow the standard scheme:

  • place an erectile ring on the flask before pumping air;
  • pump air;
  • bring the organ to an erection, move the ring to its very base;
  • block the flow of blood by tightly gripping the root of the penis with a ring;
  • hold the set training time, then press the valve to relieve the pressure;
  • remove the organ from the flask.

water pump

A safe option to increase the size of the phallus is the use of a hydro pump

One of the simplest varieties of the device with an excellent indicator of safety in operation.For excellent results follow the following sequence:

  • sit in the bath, fill with warm water so that it covers the groin;
  • place the organ in a relaxed state in the flask;
  • start pumping air;
  • if liquid has accumulated in the flask, throw it out by pressing a special valve;
  • after achieving a strong erection, fix the ring at the root of the organ and then stop any actions;
  • control the degree of exposure so as not to harm yourself.

Start with trial workouts of a few minutes to understand how the first or second type of pump works.

If you feel pain, aches, stop immediately. Make a plan of action in advance - how to prepare the device, the organ, create a vacuum, pump the penis and finally reduce the pressure and complete the procedure.

Preparing the installation pump for work

The penis is one of the most vulnerable and delicate parts of the male body, as it consists of soft tissues. It will not be difficult to injure it, so before you make your own pump with your own hands, prepare all the parts for subsequent assembly.

Pay attention to the following points:

  • the surface of the flask and the gasket- there should be no unevenness, roughness, cracks or corners;
  • production materials- it is good if it is a hypoallergenic material that does not cause irritation and itching;
  • processing of the basic mechanisms- wash the flask and close it abundantly with soapy water or disinfect with a special solution, dry and treat with alcohol;
  • assembly of the apparatus- connect all the parts in one structure to use it as intended.

The vacuum pump is recognized as an effective means of stimulating erection, alignment and enlargement of the penis.

Reckless use not according to the rules will lead to injuries, hematomas of the organ. Therefore, follow all manufacturers' recommendations, safety measures and training schemes.

Preparing the penis for training

Use vacuum penis enlargement only after consulting a doctor. Only a specialist knows the indications, contraindications for such a device.

Before starting the procedure, it is necessary to prepare the organ itself. This is important not only for obtaining results, but also for protecting tissues from tears, vessels from damage.

Preparing the penis for training includes:

  • taking a warm bath to expand blood vessels, heat the tissues;
  • applying ointment to the skin of the penis to increase blood supply;
  • placing the phallus at the base of the pump, firmly pressing the pump to the scrotum;
  • pumping air from the pump;
  • the valve must be closed to ensure a vacuum;
  • after the onset of erection and swelling, open the valve after half a minute.

If an erection ring is attached to the device, it is placed at the base of the organ. If it is not there, the flask is simply pressed against the groin.

An excellent option for preparing the penis for pumping is jelqing, a manual technique for stretching the organ lengthwise.

The jelqing technique used to prepare the penis for pumping

Create a vacuum in the flask

Each model of vacuum penis enlargement pump is presented in the form of a flask. To create a vacuum, the air is completely removed from it, thus creating an absolute pressure.

This process is carried out in different ways depending on the type of device:

  1. hand pump. After placing a penis in the flask, press the pear several times, pumping out the air. In this way, you can control the power of the vacuum based on your own sensations.
  2. Automatic pump. You don't have to put in any effort here. The device works on batteries or a battery. For control there are buttons, pressure gauge. You just have to choose the mode, the intensity.
  3. water pump. To create a vacuum, you need to pump water by changing its pressure. This model guarantees an even effect on the tissues of the body.

In simple words, vacuum creates the process of pumping air or water, depending on the type of device used. This should be done gradually, without sudden hasty movements, so as not to cause severe swelling, pain.

Pumping procedure

There are many different methods of using phallus pumping, each man chooses the best training option for himself. But the most effective are:

  1. Classic pumping. Using a wide flask with an optimal vacuum level. This device inflates the organ in length and thickness by stretching the corpora cavernosa of the penis.
  2. Packaging. The use of a narrow bulb, which by applying negative pressure will not stretch the penis in width, directing all the force to lengthen. The effect will be achieved much faster than in the previous case.

Weekly training plan:

  • first week- do 2 training sessions daily for 10 minutes each;
  • second week- increase the duration of the procedures to 15 minutes, repeating them 2 times a day (in case of discomfort and pain, return to the previous regime);
  • third week- try long workouts, do one session for about 20 minutes;
  • fourth week- practice 2 workouts, but with different time, 1 session lasts 10, the second 20 minutes;
  • fifth week– exercise for 20 minutes in the morning immediately after waking up and before going to bed, allocating 40 minutes for everything.

When planning several workouts during the day, keep an interval of more than an hour between them. Use pumping techniques until you get the desired result and also for some time after that to consolidate it.

Pressure release

After the procedure is completed, very carefully remove the penis from the device, releasing the pressure. To do this, use a special valve or control buttons if it is an automated model. If you create a zone of excessively low pressure, this will have a side effect - the formation of a hematoma.

After equalizing the pressure level inside the flask, carefully remove it from the penis. If the design is supplemented with an erection ring, it should be removed immediately or as soon as the erection decreases a little.

Automatic vacuum pump powered by batteries or accumulator

If you plan to have sex, put the ring on your penis to keep the erection as long as possible by blocking the flow of blood. Massage the organ with light movements to restore blood circulation.

Turn off the device

In order for the device to work as long as possible without side effects, health risks, you need to know not only the rules of operation, but also the aftercare.

When you're ready, always follow these simple steps:

  • wash all parts with detergent, warm soapy water before and after training;
  • treat the device with liquid antiseptics, especially those places that come into contact with the skin of the genitals;
  • make sure all parts are dry, this will prevent fungus, corrosion.

Refrain from the simultaneous use of the pump and cosmetics containing petroleum jelly.


A purchased vacuum pump is more reliable than a homemade one, but both options can be effective if used correctly. You can buy the device at a pharmacy, specialty store, or order it online at a reasonable price. Experience shows that the vacuum effect really helps to increase the thickness and length of the phallus, if you make a training plan correctly, numerous reviews on men's forums confirm this. How many centimeters you will get closer to your dream depends on the choice of model, the regularity of training, compliance with the conditions.