Folk methods and ways to increase the penis

Men often complain that they are not satisfied with the length of their own penis. They use different methods to solve the problem. They are particularly interested in how to increase a member of the people's funds. Such methods are considered harmless, affordable.

Not everyone is ready to buy an expensive ointment that may turn out to be useless, but everyone can try recipes from traditional medicine.

a man with a normal penis size

Medicinal herbs

Medicinal herbs are identified with traditional medicine. Phytotherapy is used for penis enlargement. It is based on acceleration of metabolism, blood circulation in the pelvic organs. It is necessary to regularly use decoctions or infusions. To achieve the effect of penis enlargement, it is easy to choose the available means.

  1. Replace tea with an infusion of leaves, roots, flowers of wild hawthorn. It is easy to prepare: one tablespoon of raw material is poured with 500 ml of boiling water. The course of treatment lasts at least one month.
  2. According to the same recipe, you can prepare a decoction of rose hips. This drink will improve blood circulation, increase a man's immunity.
  3. Ginseng root is the best way to improve potency and penis growth. It is added to many ointments or tinctures. You can prepare the medicine according to the recipe: pour about 100 grams of the root with 3 liters of alcohol. Send the tincture to a dark place, leave for 10 days. After this period, take the medicine 50 ml daily.
herbal remedies for penis enlargement

The use of herbal remedies is not recommended for men with allergies to certain plants. Before taking infusions and other folk remedies for penis growth, you should consult a therapist, urologist, make sure that there are no diseases in which herbal medicine is contraindicated.

A magical rite

The use of magic as a means of penis growth is not uncommon. On the web you can find several rituals or conspiracies aimed at changing the size of the penis. The best reviews deserve a magical ritual - a conspiracy for growth.

  1. Take a green candle, prepare a stand for it.
  2. Pour a little olive oil on your hand, rub the candle well.
  3. Light a candle, hold a few sprigs of fresh parsley over the fire for a while.
  4. Grind vegetables charged with candle energy. Pour the resulting greens into a glass of holy water.
  5. Get a pot of pre-planted parsley.
  6. Coat the leaves of potted vegetables with sperm. At this point, you should say out loud wishes for changes in the size of your penis, thank the spirits for their help.
  7. Water the plant with holy water. Parsley needs to be taken care of until you get noticeable results. It is impossible to transfer the responsibility of watering to others - a person who wants to change the parameters of his genital organ must water the plant, loosen the soil. After reaching the desired parameters, the parsley pot should be left at the crossroads. Don't forget to thank the spirits again.
magical penis enlargement powers

You can use various spells, but the effect of magical rituals will be slightly less than zero. Urologists do not believe in the power of spirits, as there is no direct connection between them and the physical condition of the male body. The only advantage of this method is the absence of side effects.

External means

  • Ointments or creams can be rubbed into the skin of the penis. They are bought at the pharmacy or prepared at home. From ready-made products, you can use heparin or nitroglycerin ointment. These agents ensure blood flow to the penis. Heparin ointment will give your partner a pleasant sensation if you use it before intercourse.
  • penis enlargement cream
  • As a folk remedy for penis enlargement, you can mix the composition of dried leeches. To prepare it, you will need: mix 100 grams of dry leeches, crush them; the raw materials must be mixed with 200 grams of lamb fat, which must first be melted; rub the finished cream for a month every day before going to bed into the skin of the penis.


Performing a massage using the milking technique is an affordable, reliable folk way to increase the size of the male organ. The impact takes place in two stages. It starts with preparation:

  1. For it, you need to take a soft cotton cloth, wrap it around the penis several times.
  2. After two minutes, moisten the cloth again in warm water, repeat the compress.
  3. Rub the groin area with a dry cloth.

For massage, apply a special gel, lubricant or aromatic oil to your hand. Essential compositions of geranium, rose or sandalwood are most suitable.

essential oils for penis massage

Then proceed to the main procedure.

  1. Grasp your penis firmly, move your hand from the groin to the head. Squeeze your hand gently to work on the corpora cavernosa. Repeat this exercise for 10-15 minutes.
  2. After warming up the shaft of the penis, move on to the second movement. Grab the barrel with one hand and the head with the other, it will need to be pulled to the side. As soon as you feel a slight pain, stop moving, stay in this position for 5 minutes. Then pull the head to the other side.
  3. With both hands, firmly squeeze the body of the penis 10 times. There shouldn't be much discomfort.
  4. Sit in a chair with your legs wide apart. Hit the member alternately on one thigh and the other.

An alternative to manual massage can be the use of devices. Devices to stimulate the length of the penis can be worn constantly or used immediately before intercourse. You can buy them in the intimate shop.

Exercise, yoga, visualization

Methods that can indirectly affect penis size include physical activity or oriental practices. These exotic methods can also be attributed to the methods of traditional medicine for penis enlargement.

yoga for penis enlargement
  1. Meditative techniques, visualization - take a comfortable position, some prefer "Lotus". Close your eyes, imagine the penis with all the anatomical details. Its size should be larger than the real one. A positive effect will be achieved if you apply this method for a long time. During meditation, you must free your mind from extraneous thoughts.
  2. Gymnastics or yoga - any physical activity that allows you to improve blood circulation in the pelvic organs is welcome. If you do not know yoga asanas, you can limit yourself to simple squats, walking in place with knees raised to the chest. Even regular jogging at a low speed will help improve blood circulation in your legs and penis, thus stimulating penis enlargement.

There is another method that can be classified as visualization and meditation practices - self-training. Before you go to bed, make sure that every minute your penis grows, becomes stronger. This method will not take you much time, it will not hurt.

achieving a result

The visualization will be successful if you believe in the actions and the words that are said.


The direction of Chinese traditional folk medicine targeting biologically active points. Points can be activated in several ways:

  • regularly massage the earlobes, palms on both sides, feet;
  • find points located on the back of the hand from each edge at its base.

The general massage of the areas where the mass of biologically active points is located will help to solve the problem of the unsatisfactory size of the penis, to improve the work of other systems and organs. To do this, it is recommended to massage the palms, feet, ears daily. Foot massage is best done at the end of the day after a bath. Guarantees you to increase the blood supply to the limbs and eliminate fatigue.

What do urologists think about these methods?

Doctors are skeptical about folk remedies for penis enlargement, they do not recommend penis enlargement with their help. They are considered ineffective. It is best to use other methods.

penis pump
  1. A vacuum pump is a bulb-shaped device worn on the penis that elongates it. You can notice the result after one year of its constant use. This method has a drawback - men experience erection problems after it.
  2. Operation - gives a guaranteed result for penis enlargement. This method has two disadvantages - scars can form on the skin, careless movement of the scalpel can lead to complete impotence.
  3. Stretching with a load - can increase the length of the penis, but its thickness becomes less. One would have to carry the load for several hours to achieve one's goal. If the load is suspended incorrectly, the element may deform, partially lose sensitivity.

Physical exercises, massages, drugs affect only the blood circulation of the penis. They cannot significantly affect its growth, but restore a stable erection.

penis enlargement exercises

Urologists have a positive attitude to the recipes of traditional medicine for penis enlargement - medicinal plants. Perhaps public funds will not lead to a significant increase, but they:

  • male body enhancement;
  • gently arrange the reproductive system;
  • improvement of blood circulation in the groin area - and this is a good, long-lasting erection;
  • eliminating the problem of rapid ejaculation.

These aspects guarantee a regular and quality sex life.


You should not expect a significant effect from folk recipes for penis enlargement. Among them there are useless, even dangerous methods, so the choice should be approached carefully. At home, you can only use methods available to everyone to increase blood circulation - massage, exercises. Complement self-hypnosis classes, this practice can boost self-esteem.