How to enlarge the penis with massage: the best techniques

A massage that helps a man to increase the size of the penis

Currently, many different methods have been created for men to improve the condition of the body, while simultaneously increasing the size of the phallus. One of the most popular ways to strengthen an erection and correct the penis is the penis enlargement massage. Is it possible to increase the size of the phallus in this way?

Is it possible to enlarge the penis with massage?

Some men consider massage to enlarge their penis to be a meaningless manipulation, being sure that it is impossible to change the size of the penis with it, which is fundamentally wrong. The penis is a muscular organ filled with cavities. During sexual arousal, blood enters it, filling these cavities (corpora cavernosa). The larger they are, the more blood will be put into them and the greater length and thickness the phallus can reach. Since the muscles can be trained, it is quite possible to increase or rather ensure the expansion of the cavernous bodies.

Pros and cons of penis enlargement with massage

Penis enlargement with massage and various massagers is a procedure available to absolutely everyone and does not require much effort on the part of the man. The main advantages of such a technique are:

  1. The minimum number of contraindications and side effects.
  2. Safety. Massage can harm only in cases where a person makes incorrect movements, thereby causing discomfort or even pain to himself.
  3. Profitability. The massage includes only small costs for related products (lubricants, ointments, etc. ).
  4. Efficiency. The massage method really works.

Among the disadvantages of such a procedure can be noted:

  1. Limited effectiveness. The maximum extension length will be 5 cm.
  2. The need for daily exercise. In the absence of purposefulness, the classes will not bring the expected results.

Preparation for massage

The main auxiliary action before the massage for penis enlargement is the production of a heat compress. For its production, a soft cloth is dipped in warm water, squeezed and applied to the body of the penis. After 3 minutes, the compress is removed. The whole procedure is repeated at least twice. After the compress, the skin of the organ should be thoroughly dried. Every massage session should start with this procedure. This approach will ensure blood flow to the organ and improve blood microcirculation, which will make the skin more elastic.

Overview of the most popular massage techniques for penis enlargement

How many effective techniques exist that allow you to qualitatively increase the penis with the help of massage? Since ancient times, men have invented many auxiliary methods to increase - from external stroking to training internal muscles.

Kegel technique

Exercises developed by Alfred Kegel help to enlarge the penis due to an increase in the intensity of blood flow to the organ. Blood flow helps the organ to achieve an erection and look more impressive because of it, regulating its length and width. Most men use such exercises as an addition to the main ways to increase the phallus. This approach makes penile size correction real and effective.

The basis of Kegel exercises is to train the muscles of the pelvic floor, located from the tailbone to the pubic bone, that is, between the scrotum and the anus.

The main exercises designed to improve the quality of potency and penis size are as follows:

  1. Rapid tension and weakening of the pelvic muscles. Such an action should be performed at least 20 times, gradually increasing their number to 100. Perform the exercise three times a day, gradually increasing the band to 1000 daily compressions.
  2. Prolonged compressions. The contracted muscle should be fixed for 30 seconds. Gradually, the time increases to several minutes.
  3. The pelvic muscles alternately contract and decompress with gradually increasing load. The first step is to contract (a few seconds) and relax the muscles for the same amount of time. After active training, you should try to squeeze the muscle in such a way as if you were trying to crack an imaginary nut with the help of the anus.
  4. Compression should be done as slowly as possible. Completing the compression, you need to relax the muscles. Gradually the muscles begin to vibrate as if. In this case, one can really feel the movement of energy to the spine. During classes, you should breathe as deeply and slowly as possible.
  5. During urination, a man usually shakes the last drops from the head of the penis. At this moment, you can feel the pressing movements of the muscles, as if opening the anus. Such a movement should be carried out regularly, not only in the process of visiting the toilet.

Exercise recommendations:

  1. You can hold classes anywhere - at work, on a walk, in transport, etc. The main condition is regularity.
  2. Although the classes should be systematic, it is important not to overload. The muscle must be given rest, allowing it to fully recover. Do not do more than 3 20-minute approaches per day.
  3. It is not recommended to use other muscles during Kegel exercises. In some cases, men confuse the pelvic muscles with the muscles of the thigh or abs. By pumping them, they do not get the expected thickening and growth of the phallus.

Tao Technique

It allows you to increase the size of the penis using a minimum number of manipulations.

The technique involves the following steps to be followed:

  1. The air is inhaled through the nose, then the breath is held and the air stream seems to be "swallowed", heading towards the abdomen.
  2. After entering the lower part of the peritoneum, the air should be directed to the groin area.
  3. A person presses a point located between the anus and the scrotum with the help of three fingers (ring, middle and index). This point tour improves erection.
  4. Keeping your fingers at the indicated point, you need to take a deep breath. The right limb stretches the penis back and forth 36 times.
  5. Then you need to stroke the head with the thumb of your right hand until the phallus begins to "wake up".
  6. The phallus is grasped at the base with the left hand. After fixing the grip, you need to hold your hand a few centimeters forward. Along the way, accumulating powerful air energy, you need to move to the head.
  7. After these manipulations, the penis should be rotated clockwise 36 times to the left and as many times to the right. You should finish the exercise by gently tapping the penis on the inside of the thigh (36 times in both directions).

The described technique is in most cases quite problematic, since men have difficulty breathing and simultaneous physical exercises. In the process of training, the skills to perform the technique will improve. And although most men are quite skeptical about this method of penis enlargement, the Tao technique is quite effective and popular.

Special video lessons that you can easily find on the Internet will help you to correctly perform the exercises of the Tao technique. The training video will provide a high-quality massage and the most positive result of enlargement.

Power Pull

With one hand, holding the penis by the head area, you need to pull it towards you and fix it for 5 seconds. Pull the organ forward and also fix it for 5 seconds. A similar movement should be made on the left side, as well as up and down. You can fix the penis until there is a slight soreness (but not discomfort, let alone pain). Such exercises help to achieve an erection of the penis and as a result create favorable conditions for increasing its length.

The technique of forcefully pulling the penis in order to increase its length

By performing the above manipulations, a man must ensure that his manhood is relaxed. To grasp the glans, you must move towards the tip of the penis from its base. This exercise is convenient to do sitting on the edge of the sofa.

Circular extrusion

The penis is pulled forward by the hand holding its head. After holding the organ in this way for 5 seconds, it is necessary to pull it up. Continuing the manipulation, the penis is slowly rotated counterclockwise until a gradual increase in erection is felt. You have exactly 5 seconds to complete the round. The exercises are repeated 25 times. After completing each rotation, the phallus is gently shaken and massaged, normalizing blood flow.

Thai massage

Thai massage for penis enlargement is very popular among men. You should not perform such manipulations yourself - during the massage, the man should relax. This technique is best tested in a special salon, feeling the skill of a specialist. A more budget option for massage can be organized at home, transferring the responsibility to a sexual partner.

Thai massage that increases the size of the penis includes the following steps:

  1. Warming up the partner's body. A gentle massage should be performed on the man's shoulders, neck, chest, legs.
  2. Transition to the backsides. This area should be compressed quite intensively, but slowly. To increase arousal, it is permissible to run a finger along the surface of the anus.
  3. Massaging the penis. This area is very sensitive, so the touch should be as light as possible.
  4. The man assumes a dog pose. The partner continues to stroke the penis and head, moving towards the base of the organ.

Other techniques

Additional methods for enlarging the phallus are jelqing, soda and simple masturbation.


Another enlargement technique called jelqing is massaging the penis in a certain way. There are two types of jelqing - dry and wet.

Penis enlargement using Jelq machine
Dry massage

It includes the following steps:

  1. Grasp the base of the penis with your index finger and thumb.
  2. Movement of the resulting ring along the base of the penis towards the head.
  3. At the same time, the hand should wrap the penis quite tightly and not slide on the body, but as if stretching the skin, grabbing it. It is necessary to devote at least 10 minutes to classes per day, during which time you perform about 200 movements. Each day, the time should increase, as well as the number of movements.
Wet massage

It is considered a more effective method of enlarging a man's penis with the help of massage. Wet massage includes the following manipulations:

  1. Applying the gel to the genital area.
  2. Bringing the phallus to a state of erection.
  3. Spanning the base of the male organ with two fingers.
  4. Gentle but sure movements upwards to the head.

classic masturbation

Paradoxically, habitual masturbation will help increase the size of the penis if it is done in one of the following ways:

  1. The body of the penis should be grasped with two palms, grasping the head. Masturbation should last about 2 minutes, while the penis should be slightly away from you. Feeling the approach of orgasm, you should pause, not allowing ejaculation.
  2. Classic masturbation with a change of pace. The hand movements alternately speed up and slow down. Ejaculation should be pushed as far as possible.
  3. Masturbating in a standing position with tension in the groin and gluteal muscles.

Massage with a honey-soda solution

Traditional medicine suggests replacing the usual lubricants with a mixture of honey and soda, mixed in a ratio of 1: 1. Baking soda itself can irritate the skin of the penis. After mixing, the product is rubbed into the genitals, making massaging movements along the way. After the manipulation, the penis should be washed and dried.

Numerous reviews of the technique of massaging the penis for the purpose of increasing it are mostly positive, which is not surprising - the technique really works. In addition to correcting the size of the phallus, this approach helps to strengthen men's sexual health, preventing symptoms of impotence. The main condition is the correct implementation of all recommendations and a regular approach to classes.