Ways to increase the penis at home in length and width, theory and practice

A man wonders how to enlarge the penis

How is penis enlargement done at home, theory and practice of the procedure. How can I increase a man's penis in thickness and length. Special exercises and the right massage for the volume of the male penis. All popular procedures and techniques in our article.

Penis enlargement at home: theory

Many men are dissatisfied with the size of the penis: some are not satisfied with the length, others are worried about the diameter. Experiences lead to failures in intimate life. A person is focused that the dimensions of dignity leave a lot to be desired and cannot adjust to sex.

Nothing depends on the size of the male organ. The partner can get maximum pleasure, provided the man has a small phallus. This is fully true for a man: he can experience unearthly pleasure, regardless of how long and thick his dignity is.

Therefore, if you are suddenly not satisfied with the size of the penis, you should not be upset, you can try to increase it at home. This is easy to do: you need to choose an effective method and use it until you get a lasting result.

A woman can experience pleasure regardless of the size of the penis

Most men are skeptical that it is possible to enlarge the phallus at home. In fact, before a technique or exercise offered by unknown authors on websites is tried in practice, it is necessary to make sure that it is safe for men's health.

You should not use penis enlargement methods without caution without consulting a specialist in this matter. First you need to decide whether penis enlargement is necessary in a particular case.

The size is considered insufficient if the length is less than 8 cm in the erect state. This does not mean that in such a situation an actual enlargement of the male genital organ will be necessary. If everything suits a man and a soul mate, there is no reason to worry and no measures should be taken.

It is theoretically realistic to enlarge the penis, there is more than one way to do it. The male organ consists of three chambers that fill with blood during arousal. The amount of male dignity depends on the volume of blood that fills the phallus at the time of erection.

In order for the process to take place, it is necessary to achieve an increase in the volume of blood supplied to the organ. This is possible by performing specific exercises. If you do the exercises systematically, the ideal length and thickness of the penis will not only exist in the imagination.

in thickness

Vacuum pump - device for penis enlargement

The following methods and devices are used to work on the diameter of the penis:

  • vacuum pump- the method is effective if the representative of the stronger sex has problems with potency. This device is a cylindrical container that is equipped with a pump. The genital organ is placed in a cylinder and the pump begins to pump air from it until a feeling of slight discomfort appears;
  • Handbook- consists in applying exercises that are performed with lubricant and consist mainly in stretching and contracting different parts of the penis. To achieve an effect, the member must be in a state of erection;
  • Extender– the thickness can be increased by stretching with a special tool. The genital organ is inserted into the device, and the head is fixed with a silicone tube. The work is done by stretching the tissues. In this case, it is possible not only to increase the diameter and length of the phallus, but also to remove the curvature;
  • The use of hormonal drugs- the greatest demand is for drugs containing testosterone and gonadotropin. Hormones should be used with caution, as they can harm health. It is forbidden to use medicines without prior consultation with a doctor.
The diameter and length of the phallus are increased with the help of an expander


There are two effective exercises that help increase the size of a man's dignity:

  1. Before performing the exercise, it is necessary to warm up the phallus. They take a bag of salt, heat it to a temperature of 40 degrees and apply it to the male organ for 10-15 minutes. This time is enough to raise the temperature to the desired values. The penis should then be brought to a state of weak erection and a lubricant specifically designed for this purpose should be liberally applied. Then strongly with the help of two fingers (index and thumb) squeeze the base and pull it towards the head. Start the exercise with 40-50 repetitions, in the future their number is adjusted to 200.
  2. The preparation for the second exercise is similar to that indicated in the first case. The male organ is covered with the palm of the hand and squeezed hard (there should be no pain). In this position, dignity is gently pulled in all directions. With the help of simple manipulations, you can increase the length of the phallus by an average of 2 cm within a month.

other methods

The representative of the stronger sex, even in the absence of need, wants to significantly increase the penis. If a woman cares about the size of her breasts, men worry about making the phallus thicker and longer.

In addition to the above methods that promote penis growth, the following methods are used:

  • Massage- before the massage, it is recommended to warm up the phallus.

    They take a towel, moisten it in hot water (the temperature should be higher than body temperature), wring it out and wrap it around the penis. This manipulation is repeated 2-3 times. The massage begins with light strokes and kneading, then pulls are added (performed to the head).

    It is important to remember that the skin of the manhood is delicate, you should massage with enough lubricant and carefully.

  • Cargo therapy- hanging weights on the penis gives good results, but can cause injury.

    Using a bandage, a rope with a weight is attached to the head for several minutes (the weight of the weight gradually increases, as does the duration of the procedure). Using the method, it is only possible to increase the length of a member.

  • Thanks to the nozzles, you can quickly increase the size of the male penis
  • Penis attachments- play the role of a kind of prosthesis, with the help of which they increase not only the length, but also the volume of the manhood;

  • Different ointments, gels, creams- are mainly aimed at improving blood circulation in the penis, due to which the size increases.

  • Cold compress- the folk method is based on the ability of blood vessels to contract and expand.

    For a compress, take a cup of crushed ice and apply to the scrotum. The procedure constricts the blood vessels that line the manhood, and then, when the spasm from the cold exposure wears off, the vessels dilate. As a result, the volume of blood that fills the penis increases and the size.

It is impossible to determine which of the methods is effective and how the mechanism works without testing it yourself.