Methods to increase the thickness of the penis

The size of the penis is determined by heredity and the concentration of testosterone in the boy's body during puberty. Insufficient androgen production interferes with normal tissue development. As a result, the mature man may experience problems related to insufficient length or diameter of the penis.

Many men wonder how to increase the diameter of the penis

In this regard, many representatives of the stronger sex wonder: how to increase the thickness of the penis? Experts in the field of andrology say that increasing the length of the penis is much easier than increasing its girth. To lengthen the phallus, special orthopedic devices (extenders, stretchers) and manual techniques aimed at stretching the tissues have been developed.

In turn, the thickening of the penis can occur only due to tissue growth or an increase in the volume of cellular structures in the corpora cavernosa. From today's post, you will learn about the most effective massage techniques, operations and exercise equipment that help increase the volume of the reproductive organ.

About anatomy

Before increasing the thickness of the penis, it is worth understanding the mechanisms that contribute to increasing the volume of tissue in the penis. If you do not resort to surgical operations, it will be possible to influence the parameters of the penis only by artificially retaining a large volume of blood in tissues capable of blood supply. These include the so-called corpora cavernosa, which are located along the length of the body of the genital organ.

Cavernous (cavernous) bodies are structural units of erectile tissue. They ensure maximum blood supply to the penis during sexual arousal. During erection, the corpora cavernosa take the form of elastic cylinders that can be felt on the sides of the reproductive organ. Due to their swelling, a natural increase in the thickness of the penis is observed.

It is possible to contribute to the thickening of the genital organ only by increasing the volume of the micro-chambers that penetrate the entire erectile tissue. This can only happen if the erection is maintained artificially for a long period of time. If you perform the procedure daily, this will subsequently lead to stretching of the tunica albuginea, in which the crests are located, capable of filling with blood. Due to the release of additional volume inside the tunica, the corpora cavernosa will gradually grow.

Ways to thicken the penis

Increasing the thickness of the penis is a long-term process that requires a man to regularly perform physical therapy procedures and use massage techniques. To increase the girth of the penis, you can use special exercises, mechanical devices (simulators) or resort to plastic surgery. The most common ways to correct penile size include:

  • jelking;
  • Julia's Technique;
  • tightening;
  • pumping;
  • minimally invasive operations (lipofilling);
  • muscle tissue transplantation.

Before increasing the diameter of the penis, it is recommended to consult a doctor. It should be understood that improper use of exercise equipment and massage techniques can lead to negative consequences, including erectile dysfunction.


Jelqing is a set of stretching exercises designed to increase the girth and length of the penis. One of the oldest methods of correcting the size of the penis is recommended for use by novice noopers, that is, men who use only natural methods of penis enlargement. Jelqing is the simplest method to restore normal blood microcirculation in the tissues of the genital organ. As a rule, the "milking" technique is used at the stage of preparation for more complex manual exercises.

In order for the penis to really begin to grow, you must perform the exercises in accordance with certain rules:

  • lubricate the body of the penis with massage oil or lubricant;
  • grasp the genital organ at the base with your thumb and forefinger (OK grip);
  • gradually increasing the grip strength, move the ring of your fingers from the base to the head of the phallus;
  • when the penis reaches a semi-erect state, begin to "push" blood from the base of the penis to its tip;
  • in one procedure you need to make at least 100 "passes", the duration of which should not exceed 2-3 seconds.

You cannot stretch the penis with 100% erection, because when the blood is pushed through the trunk of the genital organ, rupture of the surface capillaries may occur due to the creation of excess pressure in the tissues.

Julia's technique

Julia's technique is a vascular set of exercises designed to stretch the corpora cavernosa in the genital organ. Before enlarging your penis with extreme exercise, it is recommended that you do jelqing exclusively for 2-3 months. Very often, novice nupers who ignore safety measures are injured due to improper execution of Julia's technique.

To increase the volume of the reproductive organ, during self-massage you should perform the following exercise:

  • jelqing brings the penis to a semi-erect state;
  • With a good grip, try to "get" as much blood as possible into the cavernous bodies of the penis;
  • when the penis is completely full of blood, try to push it up the body towards the head;
  • strengthening the grip in the middle of the barrel, stop for 20-30 seconds;
  • stretch the ring from your fingers another 1-2 cm and again hold in this position for half a minute;
  • Once you get to the very head of the phallus, loosen your grip and do a few relaxing jellies.

important!During the exercise, the erection should not exceed 60-70%.

If you do the exercise daily for 10-15 minutes, within 3 months you will be able to increase the circumference of the penis by at least 1-1. 5 cm. It is not recommended to perform exercises through pain, because the appearance of discomfort the mostoften signals tissue damage or rupture of superficial capillaries.


The word "tightening" translated from English means fixing or tightening. It is not difficult to guess that the essence of the squeezing technique is to keep the blood in the shaft of the penis for a long time. If you carry out manual therapy at least 4-5 times a week, you will be able to increase the diameter of your penis by at least 1. 5 cm in just a few months.

It should be understood that the volume of the penis will increase due to the stretching of microscopic cells in the erectile tissue. To definitely increase the size of the trunk and consolidate the results obtained, you will need to perform the exercises for 2 months at least 5 times a week in accordance with the following technique:

  • jelqing bring the phallus to maximum erection and fasten an elastic bandage at its base;
  • fasten the bandage with an elastic cord or rubber band so that it does not unravel;
  • fasten a metal clamp at the very base of the genital organ (it is better to buy a clamp with a plastic wing for easy tightening);
  • after squeezing the penile tissues, turn on the stopwatch and after exactly 1 minute, loosen the clamp to restore normal blood circulation in the penis.

important!Do not tighten the clamp too much, as this can cause damage to blood vessels and soft tissues.

To increase the thickness of your penis, do at least 3-4 approaches in one procedure. After 10-14 days, it is recommended to increase the duration of one approach to 2 minutes. The increase in the volume of the phallus will become apparent after only a few sessions. However, experts do not recommend increasing the duration of the approach by more than 5 minutes. Poor blood circulation in the genital organ can lead to tissue necrosis and the development of erectile dysfunction.

Vacuum pump

The vacuum pump is an enlarging vacuum-constrictor device that can be used to painlessly and quickly increase the diameter of the phallus. The simulator consists of a cylindrical plastic flask and a vacuum pump. During classes, the flask is placed on the penis and pressed tightly against the pubis. The air is then pumped out of it using a pump.

Vacuum pump for quick and effective increase in penis thickness

Penis enlargement is done by increasing blood flow to the penis by creating a zone of low atmospheric pressure around it. The increase in blood pressure in the tissues leads to stretching of the micro-chambers in the cavernous bodies, as a result of which the penis increases in width by at least 1. 5-2 cm.

Vacuum pumps are very often used to permanently correct the size of the penis immediately before intercourse. To achieve permanent enlargement of the phallus, you must regularly use the trainer for six months.

Technique for using a vacuum shrink device:

  • insert the unerected phallus into the opening of the cylinder;
  • press the pump firmly against the pubis;
  • using a mechanical bulb or an electric pump, pump the air out of the device;
  • after an erection occurs, lower the flask down;
  • After 15-20 minutes, turn the check valve to let air into the cylinder and remove the pump.

It is not recommended to use a vacuum pump for people with cardiovascular diseases.

If you are stretching your penis to increase its size, remember that the duration of one procedure should not exceed 20 minutes. Blood stagnation in the soft tissues can lead to darkening of the genital organ and the formation of seals from lymphatic fluid on its surface.


Surgery is one of the fastest ways to increase the diameter of the penis. To thicken the shaft of the phallus, minimally invasive surgeries such as hyaluronic acid injection or lipofilling can be used. During the procedure, a special gel or lipid tissue is injected into the subcutaneous layers of the reproductive organ by the patient himself. The disadvantage of such operations is the short duration of the effect. As practice shows, hyaluronic acid and lipid tissue are absorbed within a year, as a result of which the circumference of the genital organ decreases.

The introduction of synthetic materials under the skin in 5% of cases leads to complications, including erectile dysfunction and necrosis of the skin of the penis.

Microsurgical thickening of the phallus is considered the most effective, in which the surgeon transfers part of the muscle tissue from another part of the body (calf, gluteal muscle) to the penis. It should be understood that surgical intervention does not guarantee 100% achievement of the desired effect. Therefore, before deciding on a phalloplasty, it is recommended to try more gentle methods of penis enlargement.