Gel for penis enlargement - how to use, does it help?

Many men have a very global "problem". Most are dissatisfied with what nature has awarded them with - the size of their dignity. There are medical and folk remedies for the growth of the genital organ. The gel for penis enlargement is considered one of the effectiveand safe methods. That's what our article is about.

Starting from adolescence, future men are interested in what size they should be. Often ignorance of the anatomy and the opinion of friends can cause a negative attitude towards the genitals. Today we will try to come to the aid of those who have such a problem.

The measurement of the penis is done with a centimeter tape

A bit of anatomy

All men have different penis sizes. The size of the phallus is 12-18 cm in an erect state. A member who< 12 cm is called small, less than 8 cm micropenis, more than 18 cm - large.

It is necessary to measure in a state of erection, placing a ruler against the pubis along the entire length of the organ. And also measure in a relaxed state. To do this, place a ruler on the pubis, pull the penis with the other hand and measure.

Inside the organ on both sides there are cavernous bodies with a large number of blood vessels, between which there is a porous substance. When filled with blood, the organ enlarges. The stronger the blood flow, the bigger the penis grows.

Any product (pills, ointments, gels) cannot physically lengthen the penis. Their property is to increase the amount of blood that enters the penis in an excited state, to add additional, sometimes long-awaited centimeters.

There are other methods. There is NUP - this is a whole group of methods for penis enlargement. We will tell you about many of them.


They can be divided into three groups:

  1. The effect spreads during sex. It is used immediately before intercourse.
  2. Long acting. They are used systematically and for a long time to enlarge the organ.
  3. Additionally, with other methods.

Can ointment really increase size? In order for the penis to grow, new tissue must appear. Creams and gels cannot cause this process.

Their effect is that the rush of blood they cause promotes the distension of the corpora cavernosa and a considerable enlargement of the organ in an excited state.

The systematic use of drugs can solve the problem of erectile size. What is the composition of the enlargement gel and ointment?

These are substances that tone the muscles, warm the tissues and cause a rush of blood to the organ. The action of these substances must be precisely calculated so as not to cause negative reactions, and the dosage must be observed.

Most often, ointments and gels consist of herbs that have long been used in folk medicine and support the growth of the male organ.

Composition of penis enlargement products:

  • Different types of mosses and lichens, extracts from which support blood flow to the organ.
  • Fruit and grape seed extract gives elasticity to blood vessels.
  • Shepherd's purse is a source of essential trace elements and vitamins.
  • Allantoin (parabanic acid) acts as a healing agent on tissues and increases metabolism.
  • Goldenrod (Solidago canadénsis) acts as an anti-inflammatory agent.
  • Thorn (Cárduus) – promotes the accumulation of testosterone in the body.
  • Epimedium is an herbal erection stimulant.
  • Mayenne wormwood is a potency enhancer.
  • Excipients - oils, wax, vitamins.

There may also be a hormonal component. Not everyone is recommended to use them. Before use, you should know what side effects the use of external means can cause. When used correctly, gels and ointments do not cause discomfort.

Side Effects

  1. Stomach discomfort - nausea, vomiting.
  2. Allergic reactions to the organ - rash, redness, itching.
  3. Impaired potency, formation of wounds on the penis.

Such conditions are caused by low-quality drugs or fakes. The most effective means of penis enlargement is the one that suits a particular man. Among all the variety, you need to choose the one that will cause the desired action.

The best remedy for an intimate problem

  1. A cream-gel based on horse chestnut, muira puama, ginger root and ginseng that promotes organ volume. Easy to use. Apply to a clean body twice a day. Effective before intercourse as a lubricant.

    The result after daily use will be in 2 months. This can be 2-5 cm due to:

    • Accumulation of protein in the penis.
    • Improves blood circulation.
    • Increases potency.
    • Increased sensitivity of the penis.

    The drug has contraindications, you must carefully read the instructions.

  2. A natural male enhancement remedy that contains lichen, milk thistle, peruvian maca and hornwort. Nourishing gel that works very quickly. Its constant use leads to tangible results.
  3. Barberry, ginger and ashwagandha ointment has very good reviews from those who have used it. Thanks to its composition, it improves elasticity, skin sensitivity, potency and prolongs sexual intercourse. The extender and the product give good results.
  4. A gel based on extracts of hornwort, milk thistle and Peruvian maca is another effective means of increasing male strength, which is applied to a clean, dry surface of the organ in an erect state.

    Massage for 10-15 minutes (movements from the base to the head), as in stretching. Continuous use for two months will produce tangible results.

Penis enlargement pillsthey work on the same principle - they increase blood flow to the penis, improve erection, prolong sexual intercourse.

The most effective are:

  1. a preparation based on arginine alpha-ketoglutarate, ginseng, palmetto extract, ginkgo biloba and piperine.
  2. product containing damiana, Tribulus terrestris and ginseng.

Effective with exercise. Within two months of such treatment there will be a good result.


The most radical means is an expander. It works on the principle of a compression-distraction device.

Due to stretching, new cells are formed inside the organ, which physically enlarges it. Out of ignorance, many people call it incorrectly - expander, expander, both names are incorrect.

Extender for increasing the size of the male phallus

A penis extender has been developed by scientists. When used correctly, it is safe and effective.

  • The first results can be seen no earlier than 2-3 months.
  • The actual increase is 3-5 cm.
  • It is recommended that you wear the device for several hours a day (3 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening) for six months.
  • Not only in length, but also in width. Tissue growth takes place throughout the volume of the organ.
  • It consists of two fasteners, plastic and silicone rings, different linings.
  • A penis extender can be effective if used correctly.

For those who do not want to wear the device all day, they can use a vacuum pump - a penis enlargement device. This device, which uses pressure to stretch the phallus, increases blood flow to it.

Constant manipulation of the pump helps to enlarge the penis, but the exercises must be regular and long-lasting.

Hyaluronic acid

Penis enlargement with hyaluronic acid injections

Hyaluronic acid, which is injected, is used to affect the organ along its entire width and length.

  1. It is in our body. It is responsible for maintaining the fluid balance in the tissues. Its introduction occurs without rejection and is destroyed after 7 months to a year.
  2. Injections are recommended to increase volume and for early ejaculation due to the small size of the head of the penis.
  3. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. The required amount of acid is injected under the skin and then smoothed over the surface.

After administration, the patient goes home. It is necessary to follow all the recommendations of the doctor.

Folk remedies for penis enlargement

Not everyone can have the opportunity to use medical methods, they resort to alternative methods to solve the problem.

There are two types of treatment:

  1. Exercises or external impact specifically on an organ.
  2. The use of herbal decoctions and infusions that affect sexual function.

The first method has several options.

One of the oldest -Jelking.This is a special form of massage that consists of "milking" movements with the hands from the pubis to the head.

The fingers (thumb and forefinger) form a ring that presses the organ. Daily exercises for 15 minutes using gels and ointments will give positive results after two months.

There are also folk remedies for penis enlargement - a pump and a more extreme one, which is performed with a home-made device.

The growth of manhood is by hanging a weight on a string. Perform rotating movements around your axis or sideways 10-15 times. This is associated with injury, so it is very rarely used.

Compress with soda before intercourse. It is believed that this process is done to increase the organ and its elasticity. Do not put baking soda on the head, it can cause burns.

The second method of penis enlargement involves the use of various potions and tinctures that improve erection, the duration of intercourse and the size of the penis. The following plants can be used for these purposes:

  1. Ginseng root.
  2. Tincture of thyme and garlic.
  3. Wormwood seeds.

There are many herbs that are used for these purposes. Everyone has to choose what is right for them.