How to really enlarge your penis through surgical operations and mechanical effects

Since adolescence, the male genitalia is the part of the body that receives special attention. Any phrase about insufficient size can turn into a real insult. Therefore, almost every man dreams of having more dignity. But not everyone knows how to really enlarge the penis, many believe that this is a myth. In the flow of information, it is important to find a technique that will really cope with the task and will not cause damage to the body.

Normal penis sizes

It's hard to say exact figures for a normal penis size, as this indicator is blurred. According to scientists, an erect penis should have a length of 12 to 20 cm.

Today, 3 concepts are highlighted in this matter:

  • Micropenis. In an upright position, its length does not exceed 2 cm.
  • Little dick. When excited, it reaches a length of 9. 5 cm, no more.
  • Normal male organ. In the excited state of 9. 5 cm and more.

All measurements are taken from the base of the penis, located near the anterior abdominal wall, to the head. When a man sees that in reality the parameters of his dignity are far from ideal, the question arises of how to increase his penis really quickly. The fastest method is surgery, and the longest is physical exertion.

Surgical method

An effective and relatively quick way to increase male dignity is to undergo surgery. The surgical method is divided into 2 groups: increasing the length of the penis, as well as changing the volume of the penis.

The length changes due to cutting the ligament apparatus of the male organ. This method makes it possible to obtain a result of + 4 cm. After the manipulation, the penis will be located horizontally in an erect state. The intervention includes the use of an extender after its completion.

The thickness is changed by introducing your own adipose tissue under the skin of the penis. Allografts are also used.


Any method of surgery requires a preliminary and thorough examination of the patient to identify possible contraindications.

Complications after surgery

The patient, specifying how to actually enlarge the penis, should ask about complications. For example, a man may not be satisfied with the aesthetics after manipulation.

But in addition to the appearance, other consequences are possible that require the help of medical personnel:

  • hematomas;
  • suture bleeding;
  • marks;
  • thread infection;
  • sexual dysfunction of a temporary or permanent nature;
  • trauma on a psycho-emotional level;
  • tissue necrosis;
  • blood clots;
  • reduction, loss of sensitivity of the genital organ;
  • incorrect angle of standing.
A man is thinking about enlarging his penis

Mechanical devices

To increase the thickness and length of the penis, new devices appear on the market every year, which are optimal for some users.

Among them are the following mechanical devices:

  • hangers;
  • clips;
  • nozzles of various shapes and configurations;
  • rings;
  • pumps;
  • extension cords.

To find out how to really quickly enlarge the penis, you need to pay attention to the characteristics of the goods, the principle of operation and the conditions of use. Perhaps, before using any chosen method, it is worth testing the effects of traditional methods. For example, baking soda, which can thin the blood and increase its flow to all parts of the body, especially to the penis. This painless home method should be combined with massage treatments.

It is possible to prepare a recipe consisting of Vietnamese cream and NaHCO3. To do this, mix baking soda with warm water into a paste, add a little cream (the size of a match head), mix, massage for a minute and apply to the skin. Thanks to this extraordinary tool, you can improve the condition of the skin of the penis, stimulate blood supply to the organ and naturally increase its size.

Real penis enlargement through different techniques

Before using a particular method, it is worth considering the following nuances: is it possible to actually increase the penis and what risks can the patient take in pursuit of his dream. It is important to understand that no matter what technique or device is chosen, the length of the organ will not exceed 5 cm. Therefore, it is advisable to consider options other than surgical intervention, since this manipulation is experimental. By agreeing to this, everyone acts at their own risk.

A man who dreams of real penis enlargement


Massage (jelq) is the oldest way to strengthen the male organ. It consists of repeating the exercises over several months.


By massaging and stretching the penis for up to half an hour a day, you can improve the result by 1-2 cm.

Do not forget to use a cream or ointment during the process, which will increase the effect of the procedure and also warm the organ.

Jelqing has 3 varieties:

  • Wet. At the first stage, the penis is kneaded and heated. It is carried out under running hot water, wiped with a cloth, towel or wrapped in a terry towel soaked in hot water.
  • Crushed. Massage movements should be performed on the penis, applying lubricant on it. The index finger and thumb should come together to form a ring. The penis is then grasped at the base and sliding movements are made over the entire organ without pressing. It is carried out when the erection is no more than a third, if it intensifies, you need to calm down until it returns to the required state.
  • Dry. The fingers are in the same position as a lube massage, only you have to grip the manhood with all your fingers. It is better to massage in the morning during the period of the highest concentration of testosterone in the body. Movement of the hand from the base to the head.

Complex of exercises and special gel

The home method of increasing penis size is very popular today. It gives a real, painless penis enlargement, moreover, it does not require risky surgery.

There are effective exercises that are publicly available on the Internet on video:

  • Stretching. The penis is grasped almost at the base of the glans and pulled towards itself. This will help warm up the connections.
  • Jelking. To perform the procedure, you will need a special gel that is designed to enlarge the penis. The organ is brought to an incomplete erection and a massage is performed using the technique described above.
  • Massage. It is necessary to normalize the blood circulation of the penis. It is performed 30 times in circular motions.
  • Circular stretching. It requires you to hold your head up for 5-7 seconds. The penis is then rotated counterclockwise in a stretched position. The exercise is repeated 20 times. After each cycle, shaking the organ will be mandatory to normalize blood circulation.
  • Attraction. In case of an incomplete erection, you should pull the organ towards the buttocks and carefully, slowly sit on it.
  • Mahi. The member is brought to a full erection, the organ swings vertically and horizontally. In this exercise, stress should be placed on the muscles of the perineum.
The size of the penis after enlargement affects a man's self-esteem

Stretching technique

The most effective technique that guarantees real penis enlargement.

It is important to follow these steps to achieve results:

  • Daily repetition of manipulations. A day without a class will derail your efforts.
  • Increasing the duration of the exercise, as well as the number of times it is performed, should be gradual. It is forbidden to do, for example, hanging for an hour at a time. The load should be increased slowly.
  • During training, the penis should be either not erect at all or semi-erect. Otherwise, you may injure yourself.

Grip and stretch technique

For this technique, 5 minutes a day is enough, but a real increase in the penis by 2-3 cm can be achieved in just a few months. Classes of this type are convenient because they can be held more than once a day. The purpose of the stretch and grip technique is to increase the volume of the penile chambers.

The sequence of exercises is as follows:

  • The organ is lubricated with gel or cream.
  • The man sits on the edge of the bed, caresses the penis and squeezes it with a bent index finger and thumb. He moves his hand from the base to the head. It is important that the grip is firm. This will stretch the skin as much as possible.
  • When returning to the base of the organ, the grip should be tightened to capture more blood in the penis.
  • The speed of movements should increase gradually, excitement should be felt.
  • When a full erection is achieved, the ring fingers should be squeezed even harder to keep the blood in the cavernous tissues.
  • Without letting go of your hand, you need to grab it at the base with your other hand and pull it as far as possible. It is important not to feel discomfort.
  • Stay in this position for 10 seconds. Then stretch right, left, down anywhere for the allotted time. You must repeat 4 phases of the exercise.
  • After completion, the adhesion at the base weakens and bleeding is felt. Ejaculation is possible.

This technique will be effective provided there is sufficient lubrication and a firm grip. But in order to avoid injuries, negative consequences and painful sensations, the method should not block normal blood circulation.