Penis enlargement (penis) of men: means, methods, methods, how to enlarge and do more

enlarged penis

The penis is a male dignity that has a special meaning for a man. The penis is not just an organ, it is a man's pride.

Ideally, everyone in their 20s and 50s wants to have the biggest phallus to please the girl, have fun and just be proud of her size.

And if everything is just the opposite? What to do when length and thickness are not encouraging?

Don't panic: it will shrink even more. It is better to act because there are a huge number of methods and ways to enlarge the penis at home and with the help of specialists, using devices, creams, ointments and even folk remedies.

When to enlarge the penis: the size is normal and insufficient

a man who wants to enlarge his penis

Most men want to enlarge their penis without knowing what size it should be to fully satisfy their partner. Of course, women are also different: one with a huge phallus, and the other, even with a modest size, the partner manages to get several orgasms per night.

The size of the penis is considered normal if its length during an erection reaches 14 - 18 cm and is 3-4 cm in diameter. And if it is smaller? It doesn't matter, because everything is fixable. 2 - 3 cm with effort will appear literally in a few days - many methods guarantee and will appear and 5 - 6 extra centimeters, but then you have to strain or go to the clinic, where they can add all 7 - 10.

For many, the small size of the penis causes psychological discomfort. It seems to man that his instrument must be larger. Life with such thoughts is also difficult, so you should try to add at least 1 cm. The joy of achieving your goal is always pleasant, so your sex life will improve. Although many boys, realizing that growth has begun, start by all possible means to try to grow more.

Penis enlargement methods: grandfather, folk and medical

measuring the size and enlargement of the penis

Modern and traditional medicine offers various ways and methods to enlarge the penis in young men, mature men and even older men.

Don't be ashamed of such thoughts, because this problem did not arise today. In ancient times, they were engaged not only in hunting, but also in love. There were no pills or miracle ointments for penis enlargement at that time. The old grandfather's way of stretching his penis at home is masturbation. Studies show that regular procedures increase blood flow to the genitals. Massage movements and stretching are performed simultaneously. The method is reliable, but it will take a long time to wait for the result.

There are quick ways to enlarge your penis at home. They deserve attention because the results are pleasant for men. The video will help you understand how to use individual methods to enlarge the penis.

Penis enlargement devices

As much as consumers praise ointments and creams, progressive men often use special devices to increase the length and width of the penis and glans.

penis enlargement extender

Such miracle devices are most often bought through online stores or sex shops. They are relatively inexpensive, you can use them for life and if you wish, they can also be inherited.

The most popular were the following ingenious inventions:

  • Extension cord. . . The orthopedic device helps to enlarge the penis by adding up to 1, 5 cm in diameter and 3-4 cm in length during the year of use. Several types are produced: vacuum, contour, strap. The principle of action of all is practically the same: when the penis is stretched, empty cavities appear, which are filled with new cells. The length will not go anywhere after you cancel the use of the device.
  • Stretcher. . . Less effective than an extension cord, but can even be worn under clothing when you go for walks or go to work. The device does not rub, does not press, does not create discomfort, but gradually enlarges the penis.
  • Vacuum pumps and pumps. . . The devices are classified as medical devices. They can be recommended by a doctor if you have problems with your penis. They strengthen blood flow, make the walls of capillaries and veins healthy. A daily procedure is required. The course of treatment will be ideal: 2 sessions a day for 45 minutes.
  • penis enlargement ring
  • Weights. . . A weight device that lengthens a short organ in length. The results are achieved, but not very comfortable to wear.
  • Home gadgets. . . It is difficult to say what comes to mind for masters who want to enlarge the penis. Sometimes their adaptations are worthy of respect, but often experts consider such things as curiosities that can hurt the penis, cripple it.

There are devices and toys that temporarily enlarge the penis during intimacy. They include:

  • erection rings;
  • penis attachments.

Remedies: tablets, ointments, creams for penis growth

When you use special pills, ointments, cosmetic creams, lotions, sprays and other medications, the blood usually rushes to the phallus. A short-term increase effect is achieved, the boys have good potency rather than the desired centimeters. However, many manufacturers claim that there are products that can have long-term effects.

Folk ways: the best and most unusual

To enlarge the penis, they usually use those improvised means that are at home. Because they help men, they have a right to exist, which means you can try them out:

bee stings for penis enlargement
  • penis baths with soda;
  • rubbing the penis with aloe juice;
  • the use of decoctions of hawthorn and ginseng;
  • preparation of medicines based on St. John's wort, blueberries, elderberries and goat rue.

There are also extreme ways to enlarge the penis. You have to take reasonable risks, otherwise you may be left with nothing. These pepper methods include:

  • use of dried earthworms and nettles;
  • apitherapy: bees bite and leave a sting in the body.

Special exercises to increase the length and volume of the penis

I do not want to use chemistry and devices, it is proposed to consider completely harmless ways to enlarge the penis with the help of hands and a system of special exercises. It is better to conduct a course without breaks for weekends or holidays, then expectations will be justified.

Massage or self-massage of the penis. You can do it yourself or ask your partner to enroll in the clinic. The movements are performed with a partially erect penis with the help of lubrication. To perform pinching, stroking, squeezing until a full erection. At the peak, tighten the head and base and try to stretch the phallus as much as possible, holding it in this state for up to 10 seconds.

Jelking. The technique comes from the Arabs, who try to enlarge the penis themselves, increasing blood flow to the body. The penis is grasped at the base with the fingers forming a ring, after which the hand slides quickly towards the head, pressing the organ in different places. Reviews say you have to pull 100 times in one approach. And so every day. Men who do not break the rules feel the increase in the length of the phallus.

Surgical penis enlargement

surgical enlargement of the penis

Penis enlargement surgery is rare, but it does exist. Such radical methods are sometimes used by those who have a very small genital organ. If you have the desire and money, it will not be difficult to get the desired results.

The operations are performed by plastic surgeons only in a medical institution. Most often, plastic penis is offered by private clinics. They perform several types of surgery to remove congenital anomalies, to enlarge the organ if the man has micropenis syndrome, to get rid of age-related tissue degeneration. And if everything is really bad, then phalloprosthesis is offered. The new organ, enlarged in size, will turn out to be capable, beautiful and decent looking. It is unlikely that the young lady will guess what difficulties her superman had to go through in order to have such dignity in her pants. Surgical interventions are rarely performed: either because of the high degree of risk or because of the cost of pleasure.

When they plan to perform penis enlargement at home, men want their dignity to grow by leaps and bounds. Do not flatter, you must show perseverance, patience and diligence. And only then will your "friend" listen to your desires: your sex life will improve and dissatisfaction will disappear. Here's what a decent size means!