How to enlarge your penis at home: baking soda, massage, exercise

How to make a member bigger at home, detailed tips and advice. What can be used for penis enlargement, baking soda, massage and exercise. Useful experience and tips for men of all ages.

How to make a member bigger

It is no coincidence that men call the penis dignity. Self-esteem largely depends on size. Therefore, men try to make the penis look bigger and can give pleasure to the partner. Below are the main methods for changing the size of the penis.

The penis is an important organ for men. One may encounter complaints of insufficient size. Men often think this is unreasonable. A member can be considered small, whose length is less than 8 cm in the excited state. Ways to enlarge the penis and how to make it bigger at home:

  • the use of special tools (gels, tablets);
  • massage techniques;
  • performing specially designed exercises;
  • pump application.

It is important that the method is not only effective but also safe for men's health. Then it will be possible to learn a good and thick penis.

Using baking soda at home

Baking soda is a simple and affordable home remedy. You can use it in the form of baths. It is recommended to add 1 teaspoon of baking soda to one liter of water. The penis in a state without arousal should be immersed in the solution for 10 minutes. You will soon notice a slight increase in size in length.

Rubbing baking soda into a slightly damp penis is good. This scrub should be applied while avoiding the scalp to avoid irritation. The use of soda is not recommended for men with individual intolerance, urological problems and inflammation of the penis.

How else can you do

A simple and affordable option is to perform specific exercises. Some men are not happy about this and try to find other ways. How to make a longer small member will not be difficult to find an answer to this question.

A common option is to use a pumping device that gradually pulls the penis. Use the device only as directed.

During intimacy you can use a special ring. It puts pressure on the base of the penis, preventing blood flow. Therefore, you can safely enlarge your penis during sex and prolong intercourse.

One of the most effective ways to change the size of the penis is to use a nozzle. During sex, it helps to increase the penis by an average of 5 centimeters. The partner will notice this adaptation, but at the same time both partners will get new feelings of intimacy, which will add variety.

Penis enlargement products are available. These are usually gels that stimulate blood flow. The effect of such means is short-term, it is enough only for the duration of sexual intercourse. Some gels have a cumulative effect, enlarging the penis by a few centimeters. When choosing such funds, it is important to carefully study the composition to prevent irritation.

Another option for a real increase in dignity is plastic surgery. This can only be done by a qualified technician. The method is expensive, and immediately after the operation a period of abstinence from sex is assumed.

Massage: instructions for use

At home, make the penis thicker and more can be done with a massage. Before you start, it is recommended to warm the penis by applying a warm, damp cloth on it 3 times in a row. This will ensure blood flow and improve the effectiveness of the procedure. The massage can be performed both dry and with lubricant.

In any case, the instruction is similar and provides for the following actions:

  1. By making reciprocating movements, bring the penis to an erection.
  2. Pull out the foreskin and return it.
  3. Massage the entire length of the penis without touching the head.

It is recommended to perform up to 60 movements, this is a 15 minute massage.

Exercises for the penis

There are special exercises that help ensure that the penis becomes voluminous and thick:

  • grab the base of the aroused penis with a ring on the index finger and thumb, then it should be slowly lifted up, stretching the penis (it is recommended to do 40 repetitions to begin with, increasing daily, bringing to 200);
  • fasten the penis with the palm of your hand, squeezing for 10 seconds, avoiding painful sensations, during which you should take the penis in different directions.

Only with regular exercise can you see the result.

How to make the head bigger

penis enlargement exercises

Some men need an enlarged penis on the head. This is necessary when the width is less than or equal to the penis. In this case, a man and a woman do not get full sensations from sex. You can also make your head better yourself with the help of special manipulations.

The result is a contraction of the erect penis at the base. You need to hold your fingers until a maximum erection occurs. Then release the penis and if relaxation occurs, repeat the manipulation. It is recommended to perform the exercise 10 times a day. This will help to enlarge the glans and achieve a long lasting erection.

For the next exercise, sit on the edge of a bed or chair with your legs open. After taking the starting position, squeeze the penis with your hand at the base and gently hit the right and left leg. It is important that the exercise is not accompanied by unpleasant sensations. It is recommended to perform the manipulation for 5-7 minutes.

Also, the volume of the head can be increased with movements similar to milking a cow. To do this, you need to move your fingers from the base to the head without reducing the force of the blow. Take 10 minutes a day. During the exercise there is an active blood flow to the head of the penis.

Each of the above exercises can be combined. A good result can only be achieved if it is done regularly for the allotted time. It is important that the manipulations do not cause pain and discomfort.


penis enlargement extender

Some men want to make an external impression on women. To do this, they try to make the penis look visually enlarged. If the man is obviously overweight, then losing weight will help. Gradually, fat deposits will leave the abdomen and pubic area, and the penis will become more massive.

In men, many hairs are found on the pubis and testicles and cover the base of the penis. It is recommended to get rid of them and then the penis will visually become a few inches longer.

There are special underpants that visually make the penis voluminous. Therefore, the man will be able to impress, because even through the pants will stick out such dignity.