The best exercises to increase the length and thickness of the penis. Techniques for fast results

Visualization of the penis of a man enlarged with the help of exercises

Problem with a small penis? Do not despair, there is a solution that will not cost you a penny and will give you a few precious inches as a gift.

The claim that even with a small organ you can be an excellent lover will not bring you popularity among women. Start solving your problem.

It is probably not advisable to spend money on penis enlargement pills, sprays, creams and gels. Such methods are ineffective. Nowadays, penis enlargement through exercise is gaining popularity.

A study published in the British Journal of Urology found that 85% of women were satisfied with the size and shape of their partner's penis. However,45% of men think they are small and think about how to enlarge their penis(The exercises are described below).

The most important reasons why the male half seeks to increase their economy can be identified:

  • improving general condition, increasing sexual arousal and sensitivity;
  • strengthening self-confidence. The larger size for many men means that they will certainly be more resilient, better in bed thatautomatically adds confidence to them. . . Men with small penises often avoid talking about sex and other intimate matters;
  • there are no standards and norms for penis size and this is one of the reasons men want to enlarge it. As one of them said: "I am amazed by the large size of vibrators in adult stores and I decided to enlarge my penis because I came to the conclusion that women like large sizes. "In adult films, porn actors tend to be generously endowed by nature, both in thickness and length. And this undoubtedly pushes men to increase;
  • the desire to enlarge the penis is sometimes associated with a desire to improve your body;
  • social prejudices;

The benefits of penis exercises

Special exercise for penis enlargement

Penis enlargement with exercisesat home is the simplest and cheapest methodamong all others. This method consists of exercising the muscles to expand the corpora cavernosa.

The sessions are based on a study by British physician Richard Brian in 1970 and were published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine after the correct results.

These penis workouts are quite effective as wellthe results are visible after a few monthspractices without the use of chemicals.

Just follow the recommendations and instructions. It now remains to be determined what actions can be used to extend the deadline, because each of them is aimed at solving different problems.

Home penis enlargement exercises in recent years are the number one methodwithout investmentbut at the expense of investing your time. This method has been used for many years, but only nowadays is it possible to assess whether training affects the functionality and enlargement of the penis as a result.Modern medical tests have proven the effectiveness of these exercises. . .

Increasing the massage is fast, effective and accessible to everyone. Therefore, if you have enough free time, this method is right for you.

In order for the training to bring you benefits and visible results, you must follow all the rules of the procedure.

Tips before you start

  • Council №1- Try to stay in the same physical shape. Drink water regularly, eat healthy and well, avoid heavy and fried foods.
  • Tip number 2- Sometimes you can massage the testicles. This ensures blood flow to the genitals.
  • Council №3He cleared his head of worry. Stress can be a killer of sexual desire.
  • Tip № 4- Do not try to imitate and be like actors from adult movies. Remember - these are experienced people who have sex for several hours a day. To reach orgasm, a woman needs only 12 minutes, it also depends on foreplay. The average duration of sex is about 3-7 minutes, so do not follow the example of porn actors.
The man increased the size of the penis with exercise

The most effective techniques

Penis enlargement exercises should be done with a partial erection.Erection should not be complete.

A weakened penis is not full of enough blood, so exercise may not be effective. Alsothe penis must be pre-warmed. . .

A warm bath or shower is best for this, but a piece of cloth soaked in warm water may be enough. Training begins immediately after warming up.

To increase the length - "stretching"

The penis should not be cooled, so the action should be done quickly. There is no complete upright state, it is better to focus on your old neighbor, but not to think about sexy girls.

This is an exercise to increase the length of the penis - stretching. You need to grab your head or go down and pull the organ in front of you. Hold for 15 seconds, then loosen and give some rest. Then pull it again, but this time to the right. Hold again for 15 seconds and relax. The next section will be on the left. And so in a circle.

Stretching technique to increase the length of the male penis

Stretching tip:do not pull too tightly, asthere is a possibility of injury. . . During exercise, the penis can be massaged to maintain blood flow to the glans. If you feel tension without pain, it means that the actions are performed correctly.

To increase the thickness

This is an exercise to increase the thickness and hardness of the penis.You shouldExercise to increase the thickness and hardness of the penisit is performed with a partial erection and after lubrication with a lubricating gel(grease). With this manipulation, the corpora cavernosa store more blood, thus increasing the volume of the organ. The penis is heated in the same way: with a bath or warm compresses.

You need to take the penis at the root, squeezing the thumb and forefinger, forming the letter "O". With this "ring" it is necessary to massage the penis from root to head for 10-15 minutes. After this time it is necessary to return to the original position of the fingers at the base of the body. Do the same with the other hand. The effect is achieved after several months of practice.

For the foreskin

For this technique it is not necessary to lubricate your hands and penis, but it is done to form a beautiful and dense foreskin. Make the penis straight. Hold the base firmly with one hand, pull the skin as far as possible towards the head with the other.

As soon as you feel that the skin is taut, try to maintain this position until the erection weakens. Return the penis to an upright position and repeat the procedure. Do it daily for 10 minutes or more, depending on how you feel.The longer you stretch, the faster you will notice the result.. . . This exercise, with high quality and daily performance, will lengthen the penis.

Towel moistened with water on the penis - WallyWallyUp technique to increase the size


Sit on the edge of a chair (so that the penis hangs down). Massage your penis until you get an erection. Then place a towel on it. If you want to increase the load, just soak a towel in water. This procedure should be performed for 5 seconds 20 times in a row.

Kegel exercise

The Kegel exercise for penis enlargement was originally invented in 1948 by the American gynecologist Dr. Kegel, especially for women who have given birth and have had problems with the urinary system.

It has recently been established that these actions have a positive effect on the male genitals and sexual intercourse itself. They are not entirely aimed at penis enlargement, but significantly affect erectile function.

Kegel exercises involve loading a computer muscle. Finding it is easy. The next time you urinate, try to stop it, the muscle you did it with is the LC. It may not work the first time. Do not despair, this means that the muscle is still not strong enough. Train it 2-3 times a day, straining for 10 seconds.

This activity will improve your erection, make your penis healthier, firmer, moderately enlarged and give you more stamina during sex.


Helicopter exercise for male potency and penis growth

Yes, that's exactly what you thought. It may seem comical, but with the help of this exercise the penis is well supplied with blood, which has a beneficial effect on male potency.

With regular exercise it may increase slightly.

You need to rotate the penis for 30 seconds in both directions. Repeat 5 times. Quite a simple but effective way.

The effectiveness of the described methods

Before starting the procedure, you need to make sure what actions need to be taken to enlarge the penis, the effectiveness of the procedure directly depends on it.

Exercise is usually the safest method. . . However, impatience and attempts to speed up the effect often have the opposite effect.

You have to be patient, the result will not appear in any way after 5 minutes.

After an experiment in 2001, the results of which were published in an international journal, regular exercise really helps to achieve results. Study participants who practice exercisesover 4 months, increased their dignity by about 1, 8 cm. . .

The doctor tells the man about the side effects of penis enlargement with exercise

Possible side effects

The main problem with improperly performed exercises is the inability to determine the optimal degree of erection.

In the first lessons, the man may be 90-100% aroused.

At this stage, the workout should be paused as followscan cause damage to the penis due to congestion. . . You have to wait a while until the erection drops to the level of 50-75%.

Too weak an erection is also unacceptable. This does not pose any danger to you, but do not expect efficiency.

There should be no pain during exercise, it is permissible to feel a slight tingling sensation. It should disappear in an hour. Pain is a sign that something is wrong.

If done incorrectly, your penis may be in the form of a baseball bat. This means that the pressure on the penis is uneven. This is a very "delicate" organ and any wrong movement can change its shape. Fortunately, this can be fixed in time.

It is necessary to try to perform all actions with lubrication, because if this is done with dry hands, it is fraught with skin irritation, itching and discomfort.

Advantages and disadvantages

The girl is shocked by the size of her husband's enlarged penis

This is a natural way to enlarge the penis, does not require additional investment, after reading the article, you should have a full understanding of what exercises increase penis size.

They not only affect the length and thickness, but also significantly improve the functionality of the organ.

Of the disadvantages it is worth noting thatthe exercise takes a long time(about 1 hour a day).If done incorrectly, you can injure your penis.

This is a proven, safe and natural way to enlarge the penis.

To achieve fast results when performing exercises, we recommend that you combine them using one of the following tools:

  • Extension cord or stretcher;
  • Ointment or cream;
  • Gels;
  • Sprays;
  • Vacuum pumps.

Eat foods and herbs for penis growth to help your body.